The Harrison Church Backpack Ministry serves children in need at Pineville and Sterling Elementary Schools.
Throughout the school year, this ministry provides enough food for two daily meals and snacks over the weekend for children that participate in school breakfast/lunch programs and who also register for our weekend assistance. In conjunction with two partnering churches, the program typically serves 115 students each week.
Each Wednesday, our volunteers meet at 12:30 p.m. in the Community Outreach builidng. Food donations that have been received are inventoried. The volunteer team then packs individual bags of food and delivers them to Pineville and Sterling Elementary schools. Program coordinators at the elementary schools deliver the packs to the children on Fridays.

In addition to the normal Wednesday packing events, the ministry sponsors Thanksgiving and Christmas food distribution events.

Interested volunteers can assist in a variety of ways:

  1. Help pack backpacks on Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Community Outreach building.
  2. Contact Kevin or Beth Harris to add your name to our “Fast Responder” list to receive a weekly email request showing which food items are needed that week.
  3. Bring food items to the donations bins.

We can use donations of any of the following items:

      100% Juice, 6.75 oz carton
      Mac & Cheese 7.25 oz box
      Easy Mac Microwave Packets/Cups
      Ramen Noodles
      Canned Soup
      Canned Tuna
      Snack Pack Pudding 3.5oz cups
      6 pack Cookies approx. 1 oz
      Fruit Cup, 4 oz cup
      Rice Krispies treats
      6-pack Cheese Crackers (no Peanut Butter)
      Applesauce, 4 oz cups
      Pop Tarts
      Granola/Breakfast Bars (no Peanuts)
      Oatmeal packets
      Single serving Cereal
              Shelf-stable Choc Lo Fat Milk, 8 oz carton