Who does this Ministry Serve ?

The students and staff at College John Wesley in Cap Haitian, Haiti.  College John Wesley is a primary and secondary school with a total enrollment of approximately 300 students, most of whom are from families of poverty.

How does this Ministry serve ?

Harrison Church has partnered with the school to set up a daily lunch program with nutritious meals from Stop Hunger Now, which are provided at no charge.  The shipping and customs fees are paid for by Harrison Missions Ministry and are shipped from the U.S. to Haiti 3 times per year.  Harrison teams travel to Cap Haitian several times a year to weigh and measure the children as required by Stop Hunger Now, build classroom furniture, paint walls, and make general repairs.  Additionally, Harrison has provided funds to purchase water cisterns, replace charcoal cooking grills with a propane stove, and remodel the kitchen.

How Can You Serve in this Ministry ?

There are a numbers of ways to support the Harrison Haiti Missions

  •  Travel to Haiti as a part of a team.
  • Sponsor a student with a monetary donation to pay tuition.


College John Wesley Update   

  • A small group recently traveled to Cap Haitian to host a mini VBS type program for the 1-6 graders at College John Wesley.  Our focus for grades 1-3 was “Trusting God.”  The students enjoyed skits, stories, songs, and crafts as we looked at  Biblical heroes who remind us to fully reply on God in all circumstances……Daniel in the Lions’ Den, David and Goliath, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedego.  The older students (3-6 grade) spent the three days exploring aspects of prayer – Praise, Confession, and Thanksgiving.  In addition to participating in songs, skits, “object lessons,” and crafts, the students wrote their own psalm of praise, prayerfully and privately  wrote “sins” on small slips of paper and then tore them into tiny pieces, and made a prayer bracelet based on The Lord’s Prayer.  To end our time together, all of the primary students and staff enjoyed an ice cream party – a big hit for all!
  • The Harrison Haiti Ministry Team recently voted to fund a well for the school and church to provide clean water.  The drilling should begin within a week.  Please pray that the drilling company is successful in reaching water. They are optimistic that this will happen.  Your support of our Rummage Sale has helped to make this possible.
  • We hope you enjoy a few pictures from our trip!

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