Stop Hunger Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that helps various sponsoring organizations, including Harrison UMC, create highly-nutritious, dehydrated meals to be delivered to starving and malnourished children and their families.  Stop Hunger Now provides equipment, supplies, and instruction, and Harrison provides volunteers and a packing location, along with donations to purchase the meals.  To find out more about Stop Hunger Now click here.  Harrison Church in partnership with Stop Hunger Now provides meals to College John Wesley in Haiti.  Teams travel to Haiti annually to weigh and measure the children to make sure the children are getting the nutrition they need.

Meal-packaging events are the heart of the work.

Meal-packaging events take place either at Harrison Church through a mobile operation that delivers ingredients and supplies. During the event, volunteers work in teams at each packaging station.

Volunteers set up and take down packaging stations and equipment, fill bins with raw ingredients, scoop ingredients into meal bags, weigh and seal the bags, box and stack them on pallets, and load the pallets and equipment onto a truck.  View meal package here.

Meal-packaging events are a great way to educate volunteers about global hunger and inspire them to get more involved in fighting it. The events also give volunteers hands-on experience in leadership development, team-building, relationship-building, creative problem-solving, and goal-setting and achievement.

To find out more about Stop Hunger Now you can visit the website Stop Hunger Now.

Meal packing 1

Million Meal Challenge Orlando event.

Meal packing SHN

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