English as a Second Language (ESL) classes help newcomers to the United States learn to speak and understand the English language and American cultural expressions.  We offer five proficiency levels to improve vocabulary and conversation skills. Classes meet September through May.
Registration for 2023-2024 is closed. Registration for 2024-2025 will begin August 2024.

Questions?  Contact ESL@harrisonchurch.org

Volunteers Always Needed:

ESL is a community outreach program for international adults who want to learn the English language and American culture in a Christian setting.  Students originate from dozens of countries, study under several skill levels and cover a wide range of ages.  ESL volunteers do not need to know a foreign language to serve. ESL teaches the English language, American culture, and Christian beliefs – for beginners to advanced international adult students in our region.  The program provides a team roster to share, teach and train with to become better instructors.  The look of pride and confidence in a student when they grasp a word or concept is inspiring!

Opportunities include being a class teacher, a class assistant or a host for the social break.  New volunteers are invited to observe classes and talk with current teachers.  Some training is provided depending on the need.  There are multiple days and times to find the best fit for everyone’s schedule.  New volunteers can contact the ESL Coordinator at esl@harrisonchurch.org.